Head of School Welcome Message

Greetings and thank you for exploring our Fossebrook website. Our school is an exciting hub of awe and wonder; we hope that our website develops into a useful source of information and pride for all visitors, parents, and families. Fossebrook is a young school, full of energy and inspiration; we are looking forward to working with you and your child as they take their journey of discovery from EYFS to Year 6. Every classroom has been built to accommodate thirty pupils and we are now full in every year group which means we are able to provide an amazing education for 210 children.

It is a very exhilarating time for all of us, as we establish a new Fossebrook team in the local community and we welcome your support for our school. Our school motto has developed into ‘Every Moment Matters!’ Our motto resonates with every learner and their families as well as the staff working in our school.  Our aim is to ensure every child at Fossebrook enjoys every second of their learning experience and makes it count. Every child deserves to reach their full potential.

Parents and families are central to the learning journey that our children will explore and discover. We value parental input, support, and ideas.  We encourage parents to be part of their child’s learning, we will inform parents and let them know what is happening in class, we will support parents to help their child at home and we will encourage parents to participate in lessons and workshops when appropriate.

Our philosophy is firmly established in our culture of providing the best prospects for all of our learners as Fossebrook is:

  • A place of innovation and curiosity, full of cheerful, enquiring children, who adore learning and who are resolved to do their best and attempt new experiences.
  • A setting where we engage in exceptional academic standards but also provide a stable education, where children are given a chance to discover abilities across the whole curriculum within subjects like Science, Technology, The Arts, PE & Sport.
  • A space where aspiration is essential: every child will be nurtured and given their opportunity to sparkle regardless of ability or circumstances. Mistakes are embraced as possibilities for new knowledge and insight.
  • A location where education is for all: our families and community are celebrated and acknowledged as our key learning partners in empowering children and their relatives to be successful.

Fossebrook Primary School is part of a 15-school academy trust and enjoys the benefits of being part of this progressive educational establishment. We work collaboratively with other schools in the trust, contributing to the excellent practice and resources, however, our school also appreciates the autonomy that the trust allows for all of the schools that work closely within it. This has allowed Fossebrook to become extraordinary by working with outstanding practitioners whilst establishing and maintaining a creative and individual hub for our community and our children.

The school vision is to acknowledge each child’s particular aptitudes. We want pupils at Fossebrook to have unforgettable, enduring learning encounters. Our setting is very unique: we have a learning environment to be proud of; incredible teachers and support professionals; and as a consequence, learners are connected, passionate and proud of their school. Every learner is encouraged to strive for 21st Century learning skills and capabilities.  We are proud to be a Microsoft Incubator school which is enabling us to create a future ready learning environment that equips children to understand the importance of Knowledge Construction, Collaboration, Real World Knowledge, Skilled Communication, Self-Regulation, and ICT for Learning. It is an extraordinary time to be a learner and that is why at Fossebrook we believe ‘Every Moment Matters!’

We encourage visitors to view our wonderful school so if you would like to look round our fabulous location, please contact the school office to make an appointment.

Warm regards,

Joanne Stone

Fossebrook Primary School

Head of School