School Reward Systems

The school is very keen on recognising and rewarding children’s effort and achievement with their learning and behaviour. Each class teacher may use their own systems, but the school-wide systems include:

House Points

All children are members of one of four houses; Foxes (blue), Tigers (green), Riders (red) and Lions (yellow). Children represent their house in lots of different ways – at sports day, through inter house competitions and by earning house points for good learning behaviours, excellent work and teamwork. House points totals are kept throughout the year and the house with the most points receives a trophy. 

Celebration Assembly

Each week all class teachers choose two pupils who have worked well throughout the week and demonstrated the school behaviours and values we expect. The children receive a special certificate in our celebration assembly on a Friday and are recorded on Microsoft Teams.

Attendance Assembly

We recognise that Children’s attendance is crucial for their education and to ensure that there are no gaps in their learning. Each week, the class with the best attendance receives a certificate. Every term, all children with 100% attendance are given a special certificate to recognise their achievement.